The Art of Wheel Design


Cézzanne Collection – Masters of Automotive Artistry

The Cézzanne Collection features a revolutionary fabrication process comprised of a forged outer rim and a cast center disk. The center disk is Friction Stir Welded (FSW) to a forged outer rim, which forms a seamless structural connection. The combination of this ultra-light forged outer rim and a high-pressure center results in a wheel 25% lighter than a conventional one-piece wheel. The crowning touch is a completely formed stainless steel lip placed over the forged outer lip.

The Cézzanne Collection is composed of three components that bring you a new level of flexibility in selecting a custom finish to complement your ride. Each wheel component may be finished in a combination of chrome, custom painted, or polished with a smooth or brush finished, combining the finest materials and craftsmanship to create a distinctive personalized touch.

Be noticed, be seen in Cézzanne Collection -Designed for the discerning automotive enthusiast with luxurious taste and style.

Cézzanne Sizes

All wheels are available in the following sizes and offset range- Rim widths of 11" and 12" are available with a minimum quantity requirement.

19 x 8.5-19 x 10.5 +15mm to 48mm
20 x 8.5-20 x 10.5 +15mm to 48mm
22 x 8.5-22 x 10.5 +15mm to 48mm